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We Supply Clean Energy For Your Home & Business

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From Design & Installation To Fuel Supply & Operation

Suppliers of Biomass Energy Systems and Wood Pellets

We Supply Clean Energy

The Land Energy team are specialists in biomass energy. Our goal is to help our customers switch away from fossil fuels and decrease their carbon footprint in an economically sensible way.

We occupy the full breadth of the supply chain from buying raw wood fibre and manufacturing wood pellets through to designing, installing and maintaining biomass energy systems.

We supply wood pellet fuel & biomass boilers for all applications including:

  • Horticulture
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Rural Premises
  • Schools

We have delivered commercial energy systems at all scales, to a broad cross section of industry sectors and as one of the UK’s largest wood pellet manufacturers we can provide multi-year, fixed price fuel supply contracts.

Biomass Systems

We design, install, commission and manage energy systems that can deliver hot water, steam, electricity or a combination.

We deliver hardware tailored to meet your needs and all installations are fully compliant with the demands of the Renewable Heat Incentive and or the Renewables Obligation.

We can either sell hardware and systems outright or operate on an Energy Supply Company (ESCO) basis by providing the finance, installation, management and long term fuel supply.

Wood Pellet Supplies

Our wood pellets only contain sustainable feedstock, sourced from UK forests, providing a reliable long-term fuel source to our customers.

We are an accredited Biomass Suppliers’ List (BSL) source of wood pellets and use FSC approved sources of wood fibre either in the form of sawmill waste or rejected logs.

We offer a quick and efficient delivery service which can transport bulk wood pellets direct to you in a variety of different formats and vehicles.

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