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Combined Heat & Power

Combined heat and power

From Design & Installation To Fuel Supply & Operation

Combined Heat & Power Boilers

Combined Heat & Power boilers are most often used in local industrial and public applications, such as factories and schools. CHP, also known as cogeneration, generates two types of energy from a single facility:

  • Electricity
  • Heat

The CHP process generates electricity while capturing the usable heat which is produced. This provides a highly efficient, economical alternative to other conventional methods, where vast amounts of heat is wasted. CHP can put large quantities of renewable energy, like biomass, to good use, achieving a total system efficiency of 90%.

Extensive Experience In The Renewables Industry

With extensive experience in the renewables industry, Land Energy designed and built the first biomass Combined Heat & Power in the UK using an Organic Rankine Cycle turbine at our purpose built production plant in Girvan, Scotland.

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Heat customers can either be local to our plant, as is typically the case in industrial applications, or heat can be distributed in the form of hot water or steam through pipes in a District Heating Network.

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