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Country Houses

Country houses

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Country Houses

Older country properties, often with the original architectural features including windows, doors and gigantic roof voids, rarely meet modern-day insulation standards and can be very demanding when it comes to heating, as drafts tend to blast through the property and heat can leak out in every direction.

This can often lead to excessive oil and gas bills just to maintain a basic level of home comfort. This is the type of property where a wood pellet boiler can make a significant difference to how you use and enjoy your home.

Wood pellet boilers produce constant, affordable and reliable heating and hot water and can often be integrated with your existing systems, minimising the amount of upheaval within your home during installation.

Boilers and pellet stores can also be integrated into existing outbuildings and are designed to blend in with your home’s rural setting.

Land Energy have integrated wood pellet boilers into a number of Grade II listed buildings where the need to be aware of and sympathetic to the fabric of the building has been essential. In some cases, we have been able to integrate existing architectural features, such as chimneys, with heating the house more effectively.

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