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We Supply A Broad Range Of RHI Compliant, Multi-Fuel Biomass Boilers For Your Business

From Design & Installation To Fuel Supply & Operation

Biomass Boilers for Hotels

Heat and power are in high demand in hotels to keep their restaurants, laundry rooms, spas and guest rooms functioning smoothly. To help reduce the hefty cost of hotel energy bills, our biomass boiler systems will provide more heat for your money while proving to be a reliable long term asset.

We are committed to providing hotels with an eco-friendly, commercially viable solution to assist in helping financially as well as promoting their green credentials.

We design and install biomass boiler systems fully RHI-compliant and made to the highest quality for constant, reliable source of biomass fuel.

We also specialise in the delivery of longterm RPIX fuel suply contacts, enabling customers to have foresight of their longterm fixed fuel costs. All our fuel is ENplus and BSL compliant and can be delivered in a number of different formats to suit your fuel handling system.

To fuel our biomass boilers we manufacture our own brand of low carbon Woodlets pellets made in accordance with ENplusA1 certification for a sustainable and high performing material.

Simply get in touch with our expert team today for further information.

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