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We Supply A Broad Range Of RHI Compliant, Multi-Fuel Biomass Boilers For Your Business

From Design & Installation To Fuel Supply & Operation

Biomass Boilers for the Leisure Sector

Biomass is a sustainable energy source used to heat space, hot water and/or process heat, making it ideally suited for large applications in the leisure sector where vast amounts of energy is used. We recognise that energy is one of the largest costs within this sector and we aim to reduce your energy bill while supplying a clean source of energy and meeting your sustainability targets.

The eco-friendly boiler systems we install are all fully RHI compliant and offer high levels of reliability in order to provide your guests and customers with their expected level of comfort.

We also specialise in the delivery of longterm RPIX fuel suply contacts, enabling customers to have foresight of their longterm fixed fuel costs. All our fuel is ENplus and BSL compliant and can be delivered in a number of different formats to suit your fuel handling system.

We use FSC approved timber and help customers replace their use of fossil fuels with sustainable solutions. To do so, we manufacture our own brand of low carbon Woodlets pellets in accordance with ENplusA1 standards.

If you require further information or would like to book an appointment, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team online or by telephone today.

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