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Where to find our BSL number

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

WHERE TO FIND OUR BSL NUMBER… A BSL authorisation number is a unique number which we use to verify that the fuel you are using in your biomass boiler is renewable and has the eligible moisture content. You will find … Continue reading

Land Energy is now GDPR compliant

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

…but what does it actually mean? In a nutshell: Land Energy now has a publicly accessible privacy policy that outlines all processes related to personal data. Our Privacy Policy explains why the company needs to process personal information. We have … Continue reading

Check your wood pellet stocks for pre Christmas delivery

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

As the temperature drops and the days shorten, its downhill to Christmas.  So, it’s time to remind you to check your wood pellet stocks and make sure your order well before Christmas to ensure you’re stocked up. If you want … Continue reading

The reassurance that consistency brings time and time again.

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

When you are relying on your biomass boiler to produce a constant level of heat day in and day out for your business, it’s important to remember that it can only do this with a constant supply of wood pellets. … Continue reading

What makes a high quality wood pellet delivery?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

In recent blogs, we have looked at what goes into making quality wood pellets (dust free, clump free, dry, high calorific value) but what is a quality wood pellet order and what does this really translate into for you as … Continue reading

What’s in a Land Energy wood pellet?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

For the last eleven months, we have been publishing our monthly quality reports for you to view. But;  it has occurred to us that a no point have we talk about what goes into our pellets or even how they … Continue reading

Struggling with your pellet boiler running costs?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

If you are finding that your pellet boiler is burning more pellets and costing more to run than you expected, then please read on. One of the key areas to focus on is how well the wood pellets are burning … Continue reading

Can the quality of your pellets affect the amount of unplanned maintenance you must do on your boiler?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

Within any business the value of preventative maintenance for all services and fixed assets is well established but what can you do to reduce unplanned maintenance? A common source of wood pellet boiler breakdowns can be attributed to poor quality … Continue reading

Land Energy’s wood pellets, the ENPlus standard and our monthly pellet quality report.

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

Our latest, externally audited, wood pellet quality report has arrived and is available for all to see, but what does these results mean and how useful are they? Our monthly results demonstrate our adherence to the ENPlus quality standard, we … Continue reading

Why do we publish our monthly wood pellet quality reports?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

There are several ways that you can check up on the quality of the wood pellets you receive, firstly you can take a sample, either from the wagon when it is delivered or from your silo, but then you must … Continue reading

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