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Struggling with your pellet boiler running costs?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

If you are finding that your pellet boiler is burning more pellets and costing more to run than you expected, then please read on. One of the key areas to focus on is how well the wood pellets are burning … Continue reading

Can the quality of your pellets affect the amount of unplanned maintenance you must do on your boiler?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

Within any business the value of preventative maintenance for all services and fixed assets is well established but what can you do to reduce unplanned maintenance? A common source of wood pellet boiler breakdowns can be attributed to poor quality … Continue reading

Land Energy’s wood pellets, the ENPlus standard and our monthly pellet quality report.

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

Our latest, externally audited, wood pellet quality report has arrived and is available for all to see, but what does these results mean and how useful are they? Our monthly results demonstrate our adherence to the ENPlus quality standard, we … Continue reading

Why do we publish our monthly wood pellet quality reports?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

There are several ways that you can check up on the quality of the wood pellets you receive, firstly you can take a sample, either from the wagon when it is delivered or from your silo, but then you must … Continue reading

Transparency and tangibility just two of the reason we publish our monthly laboratory quality reports.

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

Since August last year we have been publishing our externally verified wood pellet laboratory test reports for you our customers to view.  Why do we do this? We decided to do this for many reasons: – Transparency, we believe that … Continue reading

Wood pellet sustainability and local supply chains

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

You may have noticed a barrage of negative press coverage recently about the sustainability and low carbon credentials of biomass.  All of it relates to old scare stories that have been thoroughly de-bunked in the past but re-heated by our … Continue reading

January 2017 Land Energy wood pellets – certificate of analysis

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

Bob Moawad said “Quality begins on the inside… then works its way out.” and this is something we firmly believe at Land Energy.  Our teams work hard at ensuring the quality of our wood pellets always exceed the ENPlus A1 … Continue reading

On our quality journey, here’s our December stop.

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

You will know from our web site that we take the quality of our wood pellets very seriously and we are pleased to publish our monthly quality reports.  These reports cover moisture content, ash content, gross and net calorific values … Continue reading

Do you know how many kilowatt hours of energy you’re getting from your wood pellets?

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

There is an adage that says ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ or as we like to say at Land Energy the ‘proof of the pellet is in the heating!’ after all, energy is what you want … Continue reading

Our New Years resolution to our customers, continued consistency and clarity

Posted on by The Land Energy Team

As we launch into 2017 our New Year’s resolution to our customers is to continue our commitment to producing wood pellets that consistently produce 4,800 kWh/t of energy.  This can only be a benefit to you when we provide you … Continue reading

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