Can the quality of your pellets affect the amount of unplanned maintenance you must do on your boiler?

Within any business the value of preventative maintenance for all services and fixed assets is well established but what can you do to reduce unplanned maintenance?

A common source of wood pellet boiler breakdowns can be attributed to poor quality pellets. Typically, this shows up as high volumes of dust or fines within the pellets and pellets that are not a uniform length or the presence of contaminates such as stones and bits of metal.

These issues will in turn lead to either a boiler stoppage or it will affect the quality of the burn, heat and ash output.  Dust free, uniform pellets will move through the boiler at the optimum speed to ensure a complete burn takes place, extracting the maximum amount of heat and producing the least amount of ash.  Every 10 tonnes of high quality ENPlus A1 pellets should be producing about 10 kg of ash.

High volumes of dust and fines can cause wear and tear on the conveying systems, along with the potential to cause blockages and again affecting the quality of the burn and heat output.

Contaminates such as stones and metal can cause severe damage to conveying systems (augurs and vacuum systems) and the boiler grate in the form of increased mechanical wear and breakages.

So, by ensuring you are using quality pellets  over time you will reduce the amount of unplanned maintenance. You can now check out our May quality report.

May 2017 Land Energy - Certificate of analysis-page-002 May 2017 Land Energy - Certificate of analysis-page-001

May 2017 Land Energy - Certificate of analysis



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