Land Energy’s wood pellets, the ENPlus standard and our monthly pellet quality report.

Our latest, externally audited, wood pellet quality report has arrived and is available for all to see, but what does these results mean and how useful are they?

Our monthly results demonstrate our adherence to the ENPlus quality standard, we believe that you should have access to this information. The ENPlus standard is administered in the UK by the UK Pellet Council  and is based on EN 14961-2, which brings together numerous European national standards and certifications into one uniform standard.

As commercial buyers, the ENPlus standard will be a minimum requirement when purchasing your wood pellets since to ensure compliance with most boiler manufacturer’s warranties and fuel recommendations.

This standard has no less than 22 quality requirements that stipulate the parameters for meeting the standard. These 22 requirements cover everything from the physical dimensions of the wood pellet, and the burning performance to the acceptable levels of sulphur, chlorine, and copper.

Critically it includes a minimum net calorific value, which is the measure of the amount of energy you are buying and a maximum ash content, to ensure that once the pellets have been through your boiler you are left with the smallest possible amount of ash to dispose of.

April 2017 Land Energy-Certificate of Analysis (2) April 2017 Land Energy-Certificate of Analysis (1)

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