What makes a high quality wood pellet delivery?

In recent blogs, we have looked at what goes into making quality wood pellets (dust free, clump free, dry, high calorific value) but what is a quality wood pellet order and what does this really translate into for you as a customer?

We understand that a quality pellet order for you is: –

  • An easy ordering process
  • A lorry that arrives when you expect it
  • A pellet that will flow easily into your boiler without bridging and blocking
  • A pellet that will produce a consistent, even heat with little ash left over.

Well, our ordering process couldn’t be easier, a call to our customer service team in Girvan on 01465 716010 is all it takes to place an order. Our top-notch customer services team, who have a wealth of knowledge, will be able answer your questions and take your details. If you’re a first-time customer, the team will take additional details such as pellet store accessibility, lorry access (to determine the size of lorry we need to send) and ask of any other considerations that need to be met.

If your time is limited or outside office hours (8pm-5pm), please use our Bulk Quote form to get a wood pellet quote straight to your In-box.

Then we come to the actual pellets. We make no apologies for not being the cheapest on the market, but we feel we offer the best value for money. Our Energy Guarantee assures you of the calorific value, ash and moisture content of our pellets. We hope the fact that we publish our monthly quality report in the blog section of our website demonstrates our transparency and commitment to delivering a high-quality product.

In short, with Land Energy pellets you get a quality guarantee and that covers every aspect of your wood pellet delivery and if at any time we do get it wrong, please tell us, we strive for continuous improvement.

Please read our August quality report below

[pdf-embedder url=”http://www.land-energy.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/August-2017-Land-Energy-Certificate-of-Analysis-1.pdf”

August 2017 Land Energy- Certificate of Analysis 2 (1)


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