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UK Pellet Production Plant

Uk pellet production

We Supply UK Produced Wood Pellets

UK Pellet Production Facility

The cornerstone of Land Energy’s supply chain is our wood pellet production plant situated on the South West coast of Scotland in the picturesque South Ayrshire town of Girvan. The plant was developed and built by Land Energy and is adjacent to the Galloway National Forest, the largest forested area in the UK.

Running alongside Land Energy’s renewable energy beliefs is an equally strong conviction in quality, which is embedded in Land Energy and the Woodlets® retail brand. All the pellets that are produced on the site meet or exceed the ENplus A1 quality standard and to ensure this our production runs are sampled every 60 minutes.

We undertake regular laboratory burn tests to ensure a minimum calorific value of 16.9 GJ/tonne and our pellets have an exceptionally low ash content (typically < 0.2%), which translates into low boiler maintenance and fuelling costs.

It is this hard graft and attention to detail by our production team that has earned Land Energy its reputation as a premium pellet producer.

The factory covers 15 acres and includes the main pellet production plant, producing 100,000 tonnes of pellets per annum and timber storage facilities with quay-side access for deliveries by ship.

Land Energy has installed a state-of-the-art biomass combined heat and power (CHP) system that provides 100% of the pellet plant’s energy requirements, meaning we have near zero fossil fuel inputs, which results in wood pellets with an ultra low net carbon output.

All of our timber comes from sustainably and responsibly managed forest sources from the local area around the plant.

In 2015, the average distance our feedstock travelled to reach the plant was 56Km, a fraction of the distance travelled by conventional coal or oil energy resources. We are on the Biomass Supplier List and comfortably surpass their requirements, ensuring that you will meet all your RHI obligations.

Our manufacturing facility uses a combined heat and power (CHP) unit that runs on mixed sources of woodchip and generates power for the entire site. In this way we are completely self-sufficient for all our heat and power requirements, making our pellets the most sustainable product possible.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our experience of using a biomass CHP within our manufacturing process.

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