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Wood Pellets

Wood pellets

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Wood Pellets

Land Energy are the leading suppliers of wood pellets, delivering to commercial, leisure, industrial and agricultural sectors as well as distributors and domestic clients, primarily off-gas grid, throughout the UK.

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Using feedstock sourced from sustainably managed forests, we manufacture our own brand of premium, low carbon Woodlets pellets in our modern, purpose-built production plant located in Girvan, Scotland. All of our pellets comply with the sustainability requirements of the Renewable Heating Incentive, so we can be found as a registered supplier on the official Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).

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Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process creates pellets with maximum energy content for greater burning efficiency and a minimum ash content, which is more suitable for your boiler or stove. As a result, our Woodlets are certified by the European Pellet Council with ENplusA1; the highest accreditation of quality in the industry.

We are one of the only manufacturers in the UK to have invested in a heat and power plant that runs entirely on biomass. This generates the electrical and heat energy required for the wood pellet production process while minimising carbon emissions.

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